Elaine, Wapping

I have been treated by Wilna over a number of years for a wide range of  injuries including a slipped a disc which pressed on my sciatic nerve (pure agony!) .

Wilna quickly diagnosed my problems on every occasion,  got to work on the root of the problem and provided immediate relief and improvement.  She clearly explained rehabilitation exercises to be carried out in between visits and followed up appointments with an email on these exercises and a link to a website which showed someone doing the exercises as a reminder.  

Wilna is always on time, works solidly throughout your allocated time slot, immediately puts you at ease and is a pleasure to spend time with.  But, above all, she always gets results.  In particular, I am sure I would not have made the full recovery that I did from my slipped disc,  in the time that I did, without the help of the “magic” hands of the amazing Wilna.